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Version 33.8(105)


Version 33.8(105) changes – Print PDF

      • Prescription filling

        A huge number of changes have been made to the new and refill prescription filling programs. The programs have been converted to GUI in order to allow more options in future updates.

        The order of fields has remained the same except that the old metric quantity field has been replaced with the metric decimal quantity field. The old metric quantity field is no longer used in claim processing. Remember, as before, you may press f5 or f6 while in the metric decimal quantity field and decrement or increment the quantity. For example, if you are dispensing 2 of a drug with a quantity of 16.7, pressing f6 twice, while in the metric decimal quantity field, will put 33.4 in the field for you. If by accident you press f6 three times and end up with 50.1 you may press f5 once to return it to 33.4 (decrement by one).

        Some of the new features are as follows:

        1. In the refill program, if no option is set for displaying prescriptions at the bottom of the screen, the refills for that prescription will be displayed automatically.
        2. Much more information is displayed on prescriptions that are displayed at the bottom of the screen. The columns may be reordered by the user to show the most common information you like to see, and the font scale may be changed for each user that logs in.
        3. By right-clicking on any prescription displayed at the bottom of the screen, you will have a drop down menu that will allow you to display any of the following if applicable for that prescription:
          • The claim history for the entire prescription/refill.
          • Detail information on the claim request. This can be useful for finding the other coverage code, prior authorization number, etc. that was used on the last refill to get a claim to be paid. Use the “search all text” feature by right-clicking on the information and search for the information you are looking for.
          • Detail information on the claim response. This can be useful to see what the individual pricing fields, etc. that were actually returned by the processor.
          • Display the signature of who picked up the prescription if it has been captured.
          • Display the original eScript if the prescription was an eScript.
          • Display the scanned hard copy if it was scanned.
        4. By right-clicking on a blank area of the main screen while in the pricing mode of filling the prescription, you will get a drop down menu that gives many options:
          • Display all new prescriptions for the patient. This may also be done by pressing f9 as before.
          • Display closely matching prescriptions for the patient. This simply matches the first 3 letters of the brand and generic drugs prescribed and dispensed. This may also be done by pressing shift f5 as before.
          • Display only prescriptions with the same clinical formulation (provided the proper NDC is on file). This will display prescriptions with the same clinical drug regardless of the drug name.
          • If this is a refill, you may display refills for this prescription. This may also be done by pressing shift f9 as before.
          • Update auto-refill prescriptions.
          • If this is a refill, you may add a new generic drug from First DataBank’s database on your system.
          • Display drug monograph.
          • Display generics that you have linked to the brand drug in your system.
          • Display brands that you have linked to the generic drug in your system.
          • Display brand/generic equivalent(s) that are in First DataBank’s database.
          • Display only profiled prescriptions.
          • Display only auto-refill prescriptions
          • Display only batch fill prescriptions.
          • Display all A/R transactions. This may also be done by pressing f10 as before. While these transactions are displayed at the bottom, you may right-click and have the option to display the following:
            1. Display only un-posted auto-charge transactions.
            2. Display only posted transactions.
            3. Display only history transactions.
            4. Display only edit list transactions.
      • Pharmacy file
        A new set of programs that will allow you to enter information on other pharmacies has been added. Once the information has been entered, it remains there as would a doctor or patient, but may be marked as inactive. You may look up a pharmacy by name, street address, or 7 digit phone number. This has replaced the old function key format in the add/edit prescription copy program to enter a pharmacy’s information on the screen for you. You can now look up a pharmacy and have the fields filled in on the copy screen once the pharmacy has been added to your file. You may still enter the information manually.
      • Fax/print prescription copies
        You may now fax/print a prescription copy to any store in the pharmacy file. To do so, go to the auxiliary menu while in the refill program and select shift f7. This will bring up a screen to allow you to select the pharmacy you want to fax/print the copy. After selecting the pharmacy, the prescription copy screen will come up with the pharmacy information filled in. You may choose to not record the copy by pressing f11 or complete the screen with the needed information and press f1 to record the copy being given. In either case the copy will be faxed/printed. If you have selected 3rd party processing, that information will be included in the copy. If you do not want to send third party information, select standard processing initially and it will not be sent.
      • Controlled substance reports
        Kentucky controlled substance report has been modified for the new ASAP 4.2 standard.

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