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Version 33.8(107)

Version 33.8(107) changes – Print PDF

  • Controlled substance reports
    New Jersey controlled substance report has been modified for the new ASAP 4.2 standard.
  • Geriatric precautions screening
    A new module has been added to the software package for screening of drugs for geriatric patients. If a patient is over the age specified in the master file for geriatric screening, information on drug contraindications and precautions will be displayed for those patients. Starting out, the default age for screening is 65 years. This may be changed in the master file to any age you like. If you do not want geriatric screening, simply enter an age of 200 or so for the beginning age. In addition, there is an option in each patient record that will allow you to turn off geriatric screening for individual patients.
  • Controlled substance reports
    Modifications to the Louisiana controlled substance report for new processor.

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