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Version 30.5(128)

Version 30.5(128) changes – Print PDF

  •  Kirby Lester Robot

    Programming has been completed that will optionally allow user to interface with the Kirby Lester Pharmacy Robot System.

  • Drug SKU

    Programming has been completed that will cause automatic updates of SKU numbers in all drug records. After this update is run, all drug SKUs will have automatically been updated.

  • Add/Edit/Unlink compound drug ingredients

    This program has been rewritten and converted to GUI. It now combines the functions of adding a new ingredient to a compound, unlinking an ingredient from a compound, and editing quantities of ingredients in the compound. Also, all ingredients may be modified on one screen at the same time.

    To add a new ingredient, simply click the green + button in the upper right portion of the screen. You will be prompted for the drug you want to use as a new ingredient in the compound. After selecting the drug, it will be displayed in the ingredient list and you will need to add the quantity (ratio) to be used in the compound.

    To unlink an ingredient, simply check the row of the ingredient you want to unlink. You may then click the red X in the upper right portion of the screen or press the f1 key. If the red X is clicked, the ingredient will be immediately removed and you may continue to edit. If f1 is pressed all changes made to the compound will then be completed.

    To complete any changes (add, edit, and/or unlink) press f1 and all modifications will be updated at that time.

  • Edit Head of Household

    This program has been rewritten and converted to GUI. The function to list patients with the same address has been added to the context menu.

  • Edit prescription hard copy

    A new field, “Auto-refill?” has been added to this screen. This is not a new feature, but gives you the ability to edit the flag in more than one program.

  • Edit purchase order item

    This program has been rewritten and converted to GUI. The following functions have been added thru use of the context menu:

    Display generics linked
    Display brands linked
    Display ingredients linked
    Display monograph
    Display ingredients
    Display/edit drug notes
    Display drugs with same NDC
    Display drugs with same SKU
    Display drugs with matching names

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