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Version 30.5(125)

Version 30.5(125) changes – Print PDF

  •  Claim processing

    Numerous qualifiers have been added or removed as well as the reject code list being updated. This brings the software up to date with NCPDP’s most currently published list.

  • Controlled substance report

    Complete rewrite of Colorado controlled substance reporting for ASAP version 4.2.

  • Edit electronic claim parameters

    This program has been converted to GUI.

  • Edit A/R minimum payment parameters

    This program has been converted to GUI.

  • Label type #17

    An option to move the receipt barcodes up or down has been added.

  • 340B audit report

    The patients first and last name has been added to the report. The total amount paid for the prescription has been changed to the amount paid by the 3rd party.

  • Store record

    A field for “Pharmacy Service Type (147-U7)” has been added to the store record. This is the primary field that will be used in the electronic prescription claim. It may be overridden by the field of the same name in the patient’s 3rd party plan, which may then be overridden by an entry on the optional entry screen.

  • Prescription File Search

    A new report has been added that groups information based on the third party plan number that the prescription was filled under.

  • View Scanned Prescription (from Pharmacy Main Menu)

    An option has been added that will allow the deletion of a scanned hard copy. This function is only available when viewing a scanned hard copy from the Main Menu, NOT when viewing a scanned hard copy from within the prescription.

  • Display claim response

    An option has been added in the drop down menu of the claim response screen. You now have the ability to display the matching claim request details.

  • Laser prescription labels

    An option has been added for “RECEIPT OPTIONS: Print ‘Remaining Insurance Benefit Amount’?”. If this option is checked in the master file and a ‘Remaining Insurance Benefit Amount’ is returned by the processor, it will be printed on the label receipt.

  • Refill prescription

    An option has been added in the drop down menu of the refill prescription program to display claim request or response detail. You will first be given a listing of all the requests or responses for the prescription number on the screen to select from. When one is selected, all possible fields in the claim will be displayed showing which ones were actually in the claim and the value sent by the pharmacy or returned by the processor.

  • Allergy alerts

    A new option has been added that, if on, will cause a message box to be displayed. This message box will prompt the user that some sort of allergy alert was displayed and must be reviewed.

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