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Version 30.5(135)


Version 30.5(135) changes-Print PDF

  •  Laser label #17

A new option has been added to print the patient’s date of birth on the label receipt. There are two options that can affect this. First, in the master file there is an option that must be checked for any patient’s date of birth to be printed on the receipt. Second, in the patient record there is an option on screen two that must be set to ‘Yes’ for that particular patient’s date of birth to be printed. In other words, you must turn the option on in the master file. When the ,aster file option is on, all patient’s dates of birth will be printed but you may turn off the printing of a particular patient by setting the option in the patient’s record to ‘No’.

  • Refill prescriptions

A new option has been added that affects the refill prescription program. You may have a profile automatically displayed of all the patient’s new prescription records that are using the same drug. This option has been available in the new prescription program for some time and functions identical to this new option.

  • Claim processing

Again, a large number of new/modified values for field qualifiers have been added to this version. Examples of these qualifiers would be ‘Delay Reason Codes’, ‘Compound Dosage Form Description Codes’, ‘Unit Of Measure’, and many others.

  • Doctor record active flag

You may now toggle the doctor record active flag by right clicking on the doctor in any doctor selection screen and selecting “Toggle doctor active flag”. If the doctor is inactive, they will become active and if the doctor in active, they will become inactive.

  • Prescription file search

A new report has been added that shows the top 10 doctors based on the quantity of medication dispensed. This report will show prescription information grouped by drug name for each doctor with subtotal quantity dispensed for each drug and a total dispensed for each doctor.

  • Signed and Unsigned prescription log

Both reports have been changed to print alphabetically by patient name.

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