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Version 30.5(134)

Version 30.5(134) changes – Print PDF Original eScript The ability to display the original eScript for a prescription has been added in 3 programs. The 3 programs are edit hard copy, edit refill, and refill prescription. In all programs the option is in the context menu which is accessed by right clicking on the screen. Add/edit 3rd party plan The ability to add a very short note (20 characters) for a 3rd party plan has […]

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Version 30.5(133)

Version 30.5(133) changes – Print PDF Refill prescription When a prescription is out of refills, you may now right click the screen and there is a context menu with two new options. First, you may display the scan of the prescription, and second, you may display the signature for the prescription. New prescription An option has been added to the context menu that will allow you to enter the refill thru date for the prescription. […]

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Version 30.5(132)

Version 30.5(132) changes – Print PDF  Service Provider/Prescriber/Provider Numerous ID fields have been added along with the proper qualifiers in the pharmacy (service provider), prescriber, and pharmacist (provider) record. The following fields have been added in the store record: Plan specific ID HCID (HC IDea) Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act (CMEA) Certificate ID Other ID The following fields have been added in the doctor record: Plan specific ID Foreign prescriber ID The following fields have been […]

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Version 30.5(131)

Version 30.5(131) changes – Print PDF Utah controlled substance report Utah controlled substance reporting ability has now been added. Tree displays Many screens with the tree (row and column) display, such as select doctor patient, and drug have had several options added. Some of the displays already had some of the features, but the new features handle this much better. To access these new features, right click on the tree and select one of the […]

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Version 30.5(130)

Version 30.5(130) changes – Print PDF Edit compound drug A new feature has been added for Editing Compound Drugs. You may now edit compound drugs from a context menu (right click on screen). This may be done from add/edit drug, editing purchase order items, and edit inquire inventory. New and refill prescriptions The ability to display brand/generic equivalents to the drug being dispensed has been added to the context menu. These may or may not […]

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Version 30.5(129)

Version 30.5(129) changes – Print PDF Edit purchase order item This program has been rewritten so that all items in a purchase order will show on the screen and any changes may be made to any or all of the items as a group. Prescription file search An option has been added to the Prescription File Search reports that will allow the report to be generated for prescriptions with specific origin codes. PickPoint Will Call […]

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Version 30.5(128)

Version 30.5(128) changes – Print PDF  Kirby Lester Robot Programming has been completed that will optionally allow user to interface with the Kirby Lester Pharmacy Robot System. Drug SKU Programming has been completed that will cause automatic updates of SKU numbers in all drug records. After this update is run, all drug SKUs will have automatically been updated. Add/Edit/Unlink compound drug ingredients This program has been rewritten and converted to GUI. It now combines the […]

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Version 30.5(127)

Version 30.5(127) changes – Print PDF Alabama Controlled Substance Reporting Following is an excerpt from the requirements that pharmacies should have received from the Alabama Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. Effective January 9, 2013, the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) will require all data submissions to include a patient’s social security number. Accordingly, the PDMP will only accept the existing unique patient identification number of 000-00-0005 for dispensers reporting data on animals. All other unique patient […]

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Version 30.5(126)

Version 30.5(126) changes – Print PDF  Laser prescription labels The Origin Code and description has been added to the hard copy. Prescription filling An option has been added to the prescription filling process. If the option is set, the account information will be displayed as always been the case. If the option is not set, the account information will not be displayed. If you want the information displayed, nothing needs to be done. Edit price […]

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Version 30.5(125)

Version 30.5(125) changes – Print PDF  Claim processing Numerous qualifiers have been added or removed as well as the reject code list being updated. This brings the software up to date with NCPDP’s most currently published list. Controlled substance report Complete rewrite of Colorado controlled substance reporting for ASAP version 4.2. Edit electronic claim parameters This program has been converted to GUI. Edit A/R minimum payment parameters This program has been converted to GUI. Label […]

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